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National Federation of the Blind A4 flyer

The National Federation of the Blind have produced a flyer to educate drivers, shop owners, householders and others about the need to keep pavements clear. Download it from here (October 2016).

Newsletter number 8 (Summer 2016)

Is now available - download from here (September 2016).

Questions for 2016 PCC candidates

We have asked the four candidates for Merseyside Police Commissioner two questions about road safety:
"(1) Would you support a Safe System approach to road safety, with a vision of zero deaths and life-changing injuries?
"(2) What measures would you support to achieve this?"

As background, candidates were referred to the Vision Zero Merseyside document www.vzm.org.uk.

By 3rd May, answers had been received from candidates John Coyne and Jane Kennedy

Read more here

"Pavements are for People" flyers

Merseyside Police, Wirral Pedestrians Association and Liverpool Pedestrians Association have jointly produced A6 flyers to educate people about the law on parking on pavements and the problems that it is causing. (February 2016)

Pavement parking Bill

In December 2015, the Private Members Bill that would have made it easier for local authorities to stop pavement parking did not proceed. For the time being, the responsibility for stopping pavement parking remains with the Police.

Liverpool Pedestrians Association

A group has been formed in Liverpool. Contact details are:

General election questions and responses

In April 2015, we sent some questions to the 20 General Election candidates for the Wirral consituencies, and received three responses, from
  • David James (Commonsense Environmentalism)
  • Allan Brame (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter Reisdorf (Liberal Democrat)

Read more here

Newsletter number 7 (Autumn 2014)

Is now available - download from here (November 2014).

Street survey finds pedestrians have to run across a road to cross it safely
A street survey of a crossing point in Dawnstone Road, Heswall, found
  • restricted visibility (only 80 metres in each direction)
  • a wide road (10 metres)
  • speeding traffic (up to 37mph)
  • many motor vehicles do not stop or slow to allow pedestrians to finish crossing.
So, to cross safely requires pedestrians to cross the road at 4.5mph i.e. to run across the road.
A local resident has been told that the location is not a priority for Wirral Council because nobody has been injured there yet. (Nov 2014)

Download the report from here.

Merseyside Police website information on parking on pavements
This has recently been updated.

See A5 flyer or A4 poster (two flyers per sheet).

A Stroll through Hoylake's History
There was a good turnout (despite the weather) to our guided walk around Hoylake, as part of Wirral's Walking Festival (May 2014).

Newsletter number 6
Is now available - download from here (March 2014).

Our third AGM
This was held on Saturday 12 April 2014 at the United Reformed Church Hall, Meols Drive, West Kirby. You can download Katherine Culshaw's presentation on the Living Streets / Wirral Council walk-to-school project from here.

Newsletter number 5
Is now available - download from here (November 2013).

Worsening pedestrian and cyclist road casualties in Merseyside
See our Press release and Vision Zero Merseyside document, which we have written jointly with Merseyside Cycle Campaign. These contain proposals to eradicate fatal and serious injuries to Merseyside pedestrians and cyclists (October 2013).

Pavement parking recommendations
We are now putting forward ten recommendations.
Download from here or
Read more here (September 2013).

Newsletter number 4
Download from here (August 2013).

Chris Boardman
At this years Bikeathon, Chris Boardman showed his support for 20mph speed limits (June 2013).

Tesco agrees that driver retraining is needed
Illegal parking by Tesco delivery vans has been getting more and more common on the Wirral, but Tesco has now agreed that driver retraining is needed on the Wirral and is sending a reminder to all Tesco stores re parking.
Read more here (May2013).

TNT apologises for its parking
We sent a copy of our March newsletter featuring TNT's van to the TNT Managing Director, and have now received a written apology from the General Manager of the Deeside depot. All delivery drivers have been shown the photo. Read more here (April 2013).

Our second AGM
was held on Saturday 13 April 2013 at the United Reformed Church Hall, Meols Drive, West Kirby. After the formal part of the election of the Committee and so on, we heard a presentation from Sgt Paul Mountford from Merseyside Roads Policing Department (the Collision Reduction Team). He described his work and in particular the Community Speedwatch scheme. The general discussion centred on 20 mph speed limits, illegal parking e.g. on pavements, and the difficulties faced by those with visual impairment especially street clutter.

Newsletter number 3
Download from here (March 2013).

We're now on Twitter:
Follow us @WirPedestrians (March 2013).

Guide Dogs survey on pavement parking attitudes:
The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is campaigning against pavement parking, and recently commissioned a survey of UK drivers to discover their attitudes to parking on pavements. The worst place for drivers admitting to parking on pavements was the north west of England. The survey found that a lot of drivers do not understand the law. See here.

Responses to our pavement parking strategy:
We've received lots of responses. Read them here (January 2013, and updated March 2013).

Newsletter number 2
Download from here (Nov. 2012).

Pavement parking strategy:
We feel that it is time that action was taken and are proposing a 10-point strategy.
Download from here or
Read more here (October 2012).

Our first AGM was held on 2nd June 2012. It was agreed that the campaigning priorites would be (1) for 20 mph speed limits, (2) against illegal pavement parking, and (3) for flexibility for where bins are put out. Read more

Online petition: 20mph speed limits and traffic calming in West Kirby
Sign up, or you could create your own for where you live. See here. Closing date 24 August 2012.

Newsletter number 1
Download from here (May 2012).

Plans for 20mph speed limits released by Wirral Council
Read more here (April 2012)

Constitution and leaflet finalised
We have now finalised our Consitution and a pubicity leaflet. (Feb 2012).

Guide Dogs report on damage to pavements revealed that councils have spent more than 1billion to repair broken pavements between 2006 and 2010 (Nov 2011)
car blocking pavement
Read more here.

New online mapping of road casualties
See here.

New Council / Police policy on illegal parking on pavements
Council officers announced a new policy at the Wirral Pedestrians Forum of 18 September 2011 involving a notice that is to be put on vehicles parked illegally on pavements. Read more here.

Some progress on 20mph speed limits
On 18th July 2011, at the full Wirral Council meeting, councillors voted to press ahead with 20mph speed limits on all non-major residential roads. Read more here.