About us

Our aims

  • To campaign for the safety and convenience of pedestrians, including all legitimate users of footways such as walkers, runners, wheelchair users, and mobility scooter users
  • To ensure pedestrians are placed at the centre of transport planning and systems
  • To ensure pavements are well maintained and are free of obstructions such as illegally parked vehicles, wheelie bins, and overhanging vegetation
  • To work with Merseyside Police and Wirral Council in improving pedestrian safety
  • To promote walking as a sustainable means of transport, and as a means of keeping healthy and saving money


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  • Read our constitution here

Joint working

We are working with the following organisations
  • Merseyside Police
  • Merseyside Road Safety Partnership
  • RoadPeace

Privacy policy

CLICK HERE to download our privacy policy, adopted in 2018.

Contact us

Contact us via wirralpedestrians@gmail.com

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Affiliation with Living Streets

Wirral Pedestrians Association is a Living Streets Affiliated Group. www.livingstreets.org.uk.

Credits for photographs

The blind man trying to pass a car parked on the pavement: Jon Sturdy Photography
The obstructed parents with buggies: Living Streets
The obstructed wheelchair user: Oxford Pedestrians Association